The 15 Best Places for Nails in Riyadh (2024)

1.Four Spa


Al Takhassusi St., الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Nail Salon · المعذر الشمالي · 165 tips and reviews

Norah:I can officially say that this place is the best nail spa in Riyadh till date.. I have tried several other places but they are the only ones who were able to perfectly do the Gel Overlay technique

Manar Alghafis:Hands down the best nail salon in Riyadh I don't trust my nails to anyone else!

Nouf Al-Mobarak:The best in nail services and their massage also is good. The place interior is very nice 🌸

2.Four Spa


Diplomatic Quarter (Alkindi Plaza), الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Nail Salon · السفارات · 119 tips and reviews

Haifa:The Best nail spa in all over Riyadh city,luxury place with Relaxing Atmosphere.I had kresten and she was super friendly.highly recommend it

Alhanouf.M:My fav nail salon in riyadh! Best service 👍

Dana ♓️:One of the best nail spas in Riyadh ! The atmosphere is so calming and the results are amazing.

3.Shi Nail Spa


الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · المحمدية · 229 tips and reviews

Sarah AlSaud:If you complain from any nail's problem you'll diffidently find the solution in this place, they are SO professional and their products are the best, very calm place with high energy 5/5⭐️

Alanoud:Very classy and comfy... atmosphere is very relaxing, staff are friendly and professional..also i liked their interior design 💅👏😍⚘

Kamo Hashi:Words can’t describe how amazing my experience there was ~~ one of the best nail spas out there 💖💖 and when it comes to hygiene, they literally take it to another level!



Omar Bin Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh, Région d'Ar Riyad

Nail Salon · الربوة · 77 tips and reviews

Eman:Very small space. Great nail touch up, but not that stable nail polish. They have massages too.

Norah Khalid:Favorite place for nails in Rabwah 👍🏻

Njoud ✨:My favorite nail salon, great service and very professional, highly recommended 👌

5.Metanoia Spa


الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · النخيل · 46 tips and reviews

Asma:The perfect place to get your nails done! Relaxed atmosphere. Modern and luxurious design. Pricey but worth it.

🐼:Lovely atmosphere and professional staff! A nice option to get away and pamper yourself with a high quality massage 💆🏻‍♀️or mani/pedicure 💅🏼 treat 😌

Joud Alkharashi:One of the best nail spas in Riyadh! Both the pedicure and manicure are great. However, I would not recommend the jade and bamboo massage.

6.Kaïa Spa


الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · الملقا · 57 tips and reviews

Sara Alfadliah:Excellent nail spa. Spacious, trendy & great prices. Kaye was my manicurist , she was kinda bossy and her massage/scrub was too fast but overall high quality finish. A new favourite. 💅🏻

Alanoud Y:One of my top 5 nail spots in Riyadh ♥️

Maha:I llike the nails art they are professional 👍🏻

7.Professional Nail Spa


P. Turki AlAwal St. (Northern Ring Rd), الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Nail Salon · حطين · 107 tips and reviews

Gigi:Amazing amazing amazing !!😍 all of Centria nail spa staff are here!!! I am soooo in love and will be coming back a lot!! 👏😘

Maha Aleyaid:Absolutely my new favorite nail spa! Great service and very friendly staff .. Highly recommended

Munirah AlOqla:They are really professional! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT ❤️ gave me this cute gift 💅would definitely come back! For reservations, call: 0535823333

8.Elite Spa Center


(إيليت سبا سنتر)

alhoishel tower olaya, الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · العليا · 169 tips and reviews

Shaden Fahad:best nail ever in elite spa still with me tow weeks 😍😍

Roma Mohd:Best and cheapest nail spa in Riyad.

RJ:Nice place for relaxing 💆🏻‍♀️🤍 and good in pedicure & manicure 💅🏼

9.The Spa


(ذا سبا)

طريق الملك عبدالعزيز - مخرج 5, الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · الربيع · 91 tips and reviews

Hana Muhanna:My favorite place for nails ❤️❤️love uuuu

Mashael ✨:Quiet and relaxing environment💆🏻 my favorite place for mani & padi💅🏻

Norah M.:Best place 2 get your nails done! Especially 4 the nail art 💅🏻💗

10.You're Chic Organic Beauty


King Abdulaziz Road, الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Hair Salon · الربيع · 124 tips and reviews

L:Best of the best. Tried their services for nails + hair.

Raghad A:I did my nails and they were amazing! I choose this color for fall season, breaking all the rules of colors lol

Lina:Jasmine for nails👍🏼

11.The Label


An Nafal, Riyadh 13312 (King Abdulaziz Road), الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · النفل · 39 tips and reviews

Lioness:Everything !!!! Massages , Hair and Nails even their Coffee and Music 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼one of the best Spa in Riyadh .. so far

Kholod ➰:Nice nail spa, lovely atmosphere and their service is awesome.. MJ was so delicate with my nails 👌

Rifah Alturki:Please visit M J for the best ever nail gel extension and removal I love my nails after there not week and she take good care of you thank you MJ 💗💗💗💗

12.The Spa


(ذا سبا)

Takhasusui St, الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · العليا · 145 tips and reviews

Haifa:Luxury nails treatment , gorgeous place and well trained ladies .......coming again for sure 💅

Aaliah Al-Aali:Beautiful atmosphere.. Amazing pedicure and manicure cleaning.. sh*tty color applying unless the lady worked for The Nail Shop Mamlaka that's when you can trust her.. Took me 3 hours to leave happy..

Deema 🌸:Great service and friendly staff 👍🏻 way better than the nail shop branch, tried the massage and manicure & pedicure 🎀

13.Garden Care


(قاردن كير)

King Abdulaziz St. (King Abdulaziz Road), الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Hair Salon · المروج · 128 tips and reviews

Wejdan Ahmed:Long time waiting . No appointments . Very good in nail care 💅

Leena:Great nail care 💅🏾

Lina:Very clean and professional pedicure and manicure 💅🏻. I've tried Joy she's so good and kind💕

14.ARECA Nail Spa


الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · العقيق · 32 tips and reviews

Latiffaah:One of the best nail spas in Riyadh!! The atmosphere is so calming and the results are amazing.🤩💕

Od:Everything is amazing here, the people are friendly i loved this place its gonna be my go to nail spa!!!

Haifa. A:Starting from the interior, Staff, Service and atmosphere everything is just perfect ! Highly recommend for a perfect, unforgettable experience 😍💅🏼

15.Etc Spa


الرياض, منطقة الرياض‎

Spa · المحمدية · 14 tips and reviews

غيداء .م:Excellent service by Nora 💅🏻 great atmosphere, good prices. Just needs more variety of nail polish colours. 👌🏻

Dema 🌧:Job staff they need more training on nails..🙂

Maha:My favourite place lately, they’re perfect in nails and eyelashes 😍👏🏼

The 15 Best Places for Nails in Riyadh (2024)
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