Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (2024)

Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (1)

Another week another round of Monday Night RAW results, and on the May 13th, 2024 show, we wait to see how the King and Queen of the Ring qualifiers continue.

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Quick Results:

  • IYO SKY overcame a game Shayna Baszler. Crowd and the announce team was into this one.
  • GUNTHER outlasts Kofi Kingston to send himself into the semifinals.
  • Bronson Reed destroyed Akira Tozawa.
  • Lyra Valkyria defeated Zoey Stark, setting up a match for her against IYO SKY next week.
  • Sami Zayn made light work of Otis. Post-match, Otis and Gable got into it, with Zayn coming back in to suplex the Olympian. I am here for a big Otis babyface run, just saying.
Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (2)

Becky Lynch gets a DQ win over Dakota Kai, as IYO and Kairi Sane interfere. Lyra made the save, but was then met by Liv Morgan. Busy finish to this one.

Finn Balor and JD McDonagh take out New Catch Republic, AOP and the Creed Brothers to become new #1 contenders. Would have rather seen a truly fresh team get the shot, but here we are.

Jey Uso is victorious over Ilja Dragunov in a strong TV main event. Realy wondered if they’d pull the trigger and give us Dragunov and GUNTHER that quick.

And that, right there, are your Monday Night RAW Results in a nutshell.

Best Match Of The Night

We had a few to choose from, but when the dust settled? I have to go with Dragunov and Uso. This one could have gone either way. Both men had strong cases to claim victory. Plenty, I am sure, had hopes up for yet another round of the Ring General versus the Mad Dragon. But, Jey has unfinished business with GUNTHER too. Strong TV main event for this edition of Monday Night RAW.

Worst Match Of The Night

Otis and Akira Tozawa deserve better, but both lost in around two minutes. Master Gable is surely wanting to see better RAW results for his Alpha Academy members.

Star Of The Night

Match-wise, I am going with Jey Uso. Sure, Dragunov is a new arrival to the main roster, but to beat such a top talent clean is a nice win.

Backstage, I have two. Lyra Valkyria was built up nicely, for one. Then you have Ludwig Kaiser’s strong promo as well, and I dig it.

And I would be bad if I did not give Damian Priest credit. I was into his promo against Drew.

Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (3)

Spot Of The Night

Loved the sequence between Lyra Valkyria, Liv Morgan and, unbeknownst to Morgan, Becky Lynch.

Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (4)

LOL Moment Of The Night

Gable was getting under people’s skin, for sure. He called Maxxine none other than Taylor “Not So” Swift. If that wasn’t enough, he told Tozawa to not do his dance, and had the audacity to tell Otis no caterpillar either. To which Pat McAfee proclaimed “Chad Gable sucks” and threatened problems if McAfee left RAW without seeing Otis deliver.

Kiana James said she would adjudicate, R-Truth said a whole bunch of Truth-isms, including questioning if it was legal, doing it in the open, and “is that even PG?”. As Pat McAfee said, he is an international treasure.

Jobber Of The Night

Tozawa and Otis. Tonight was not the Monday Night RAW for them.

Upset Of The Night

Maxxine Dupri was upset when Gable made her stop talking to Ivy Nile.

Holy S!@# Moment Of The Night

Cole mentioning how Baszler and IYO SKY battled over the World of Stardom championship is pretty cool. As was both Pat and Cole briefly discussing the QR code video glitching, with McAfee saying he went to the video and it was weird. I may be wrong, I probably am, but I don’t really remember the announce team acknowledging Bray’s white rabbit ones to the same extent? Maybe?

Noteworthy Moment Of The Night

Nice return by Lillian Garcia. Gave big props to Samantha Irvin too, which was a nice touch.

Kiana James moving to the main roster to work as an assistant to Adam Pearce first? It could be interesting, I will allow it.

The King of the Ring hasn’t meant so much in recent years, and no offense but the Queen hasn’t ever. This year could be the year that changes back to when we had some historically awesome ring royalty. Not only GUNTHER, but specifically with him in mind? If he does for the crown what he did for the Intercontinental Championship? That would be pretty cool.

Overall Lowlights

If I have to go with one, it would be that we are still waiting to get another round of GUNTHER and Dragunov. It’s a big money match, so their first time on the main roster needs to be significant. Doesn’t mean I can’t hate waiting for it.

Overall Highlights

I dig how the tournament brackets have played out so far. Some semi-predictable, but still good. For the RAW semifinals, we have Jey Uso battling GUNTHER. Without getting too far ahead, it’s hard not to see that Tama Tonga is still in it for SmackDown. That’s probably the easy choice, which means we won’t get that one.

On the Queen side? IYO is a recent champion, and Lyra herself did recently hold NXT gold. Nice semifinal round there. Several big names still hanging out for the blue brand too.

Bron Breakker is itching to make his RAW in-ring debut, or at least the post-draft one. Not sure why they are slow walking it, but having him on TV and ticked off he wasn’t in KOTR is a good start. Could that mean someone from RAW wins it and Breakker goes after them?

After The Final Bell

Good show, lots of action for sure. Next week gives us some nice semifinals, and I am definitely eager to see who from SmackDown they might be facing when we get to Saudi Arabia. Those RAW results should be interesting.

Monday Night RAW Results: King And Queen Qualifiers Continue (5/13/24) (2024)
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