How To Retract Offer Ebay - Ultimate Guide (2024)

When it comes to retracting offers on eBay, sellers have the flexibility to cancel a listing or request cancellation through their eBay menu. If a seller realizes that they initially asked for the wrong amount or made a mistake in the item’s description, they can easily rectify the situation by logging in to their eBay account.

By navigating to the Purchase History section and selecting the item in question, they can cancel the offer using the cancel button. It’s important to respond and provide a clear reason for the retraction to maintain a positive seller-buyer relationship.

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Retract Offer Ebay?

When it comes to buying and selling on eBay, the option of bidding on items allows you a chance to snag them at the lowest possible price. However, if you prefer not to compete, you can make the Best Offer to the seller for a better price. It’s usually accepted if the offer is fair, giving you an opportunity to save money.

But what if something goes wrong? In such cases, you can retract your offer on eBay. This provides a tidy solution in situations where you need to modify or withdraw your previous offer.

Can You Retract An Offer On Ebay?

Retracting an offer on eBay is possible under certain circ*mstances. When you make an offer, it’s similar to bidding as it signifies your commitment to pay the agreed price and purchase the item.

Communication between buyers and sellers is crucial, and checking seller ratings is important before making the Best Offer. The duration of an item’s listing can also affect your ability to negotiate a lower price. Maintaining contact throughout the process is beneficial in case any issues arise.

It’s essential to be certain about your decision before placing a bid or offer to avoid potential reputation or account concerns. Fortunately, the need to retract an offer is rare for most users.

When You Cannot Retract Your Offer

In certain circ*mstances, you cannot retract your offer on eBay. Once you commit to buying an item, payment options are usually charged and a mutual cancellation with the seller is not guaranteed. However, most people are reasonable if you communicate honestly.

There are specific criteria to consider: if less than twelve hours remain before the listing ends and more than an hour has passed since making the offer, retracting is not possible.

Additionally, retracting is not allowed if you have made more than five offers in a specific category, or if your offer has been accepted, counteroffered, or declined.

How To Cancel An Offer You Made On Ebay:

When it comes to canceling an offer you made on eBay, there are three important ways to do so. Time is of the essence, as you can only retract your offer if it’s been more than twelve hours since the listing was posted or less than an hour since you made the offer.

According to eBay, you can cancel your Best Offer or counteroffer under specific circ*mstances. These include accidentally entering the wrong offer amount, substantial changes to the item’s description, or the inability to get in touch with the seller.

To cancel, you can go to the bids and offers section on your eBay profile and select the retract option. It’s worth noting that this feature is available on the desktop version of the site.

Can A Seller Refuse An Offer?

A seller has the right to refuse an offer if they feel the price is not reasonable or if it doesn’t meet their expectations. However, it’s important to note that sellers are often willing to negotiate and may come down on the price, especially for bulk purchases.

The ‘or best offer’ option exists to provide flexibility in the buying process and make both the buyer and seller happy with the transaction.

How Does A Seller Retract A Counteroffer?

To retract a counteroffer on eBay, the seller can follow these steps. If a bad counteroffer has been made, the seller can choose to cancel it. If the other party accepts the counteroffer, the seller needs to provide a valid reason for canceling the sale through eBay.

For instance, if there was a mistake in typing the price, such as typing $9.99 instead of $99.99, it is a good reason to cancel the counteroffer. If the buyer hasn’t responded yet, the seller can cancel the counteroffer by accessing the Manage Offers Page.

Which can be reached through the Seller Hub or Selling section of my eBay. On the page, the seller should scroll down to the relevant item and select the option to retract the counteroffer.

Ebay Best Offer Rules

When it comes to eBay’s Best Offer Rules, there are important guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Best Offers are valid for 48 hours from the time they are made, after which they will be automatically rejected if not accepted or countered.
  2. If an item is no longer listed on eBay, such as being sold to someone else or withdrawn by the owner, your offer will also be automatically rejected.
  3. Each item allowing Best Offers allows a total of three offers, including previously rejected offers, countered offers that were declined, expired offersor offers that have been retracted.
  4. It’s crucial to understand that the Best Offer is similar to a binding contract, just like a bid in an auction. If your offer is accepted or if you accept a counteroffer from the seller, you are obligated to follow through with the purchase and payment for the item.
  5. Buying through Best Offers entails a higher level of commitment compared to purchasing at a fixed price.

Remember these rules while making Best Offers on eBay to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction.

How To Make The Best Offer On EBay

To make the best offer on eBay, follow these steps:

  • Find the item you want and click on it to view its details, including the description, shipping rates, shipping times, payment options, and return policies.
  • If there is a best offer option available, review the current best offer made for the item.
  • Click on “Make Offer” to start the process.
  • In the pop-up window, enter the amount you are willing to pay in the box labeled “Your Offer.” Optionally, you can add a message to the seller explaining your reasons for the offer.
  • Click “Review Offer” to see a summary of your offer and message. If everything looks good, click “Submit Offer” to send your best offer to the seller.

By following these steps, you can confidently make the best offer on eBay and potentially secure a great deal on the item you desire.

To Retract The Best Offer On EBay

To retract the best offer on eBay, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Sign into your eBay account.
  • Click on the Best Offer retraction form link.
  • Find the item number by going to the item’s details page and clicking on the Description tab.
  • Look for the item number in the top-right corner.
  • Type the item number in the box labeled “Item Number” and click Continue.
  • Click Cancel Offer and select a reason for canceling.
  • If you wish to cancel your offer, you can also try contacting the seller directly.
  • If the offer has not been accepted yet, it may expire on its own.
  • If the offer has already been accepted, it may be more challenging to convince the seller to retract it.
  • In case you encounter any issues, you can reach out to eBay’s customer support team for assistance.

Remember, retracting the best offer is a helpful feature on eBay that sets it apart from its competitors.

For more tips on saving money and utilizing eBay effectively, you can explore the section titled “4 tips to saving money with eBay” in our introductory article.


When sellers choose the Best Offer option, they are willing to come down on the price or need to get rid of the item. It’s important to think carefully before making an offer or responding to a counteroffer. While the internet may feel impersonal, an agreement to buy is a binding contract.

Take the time to review the transaction, double-check your numbers, and be sure you want the item. Sellers are usually reasonable, but retracting an offer due to cold feet or buyer’s remorse isn’t considered a valid reason to cancel. Also, Know, How to Cancel Credit One Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retract an offer?

Yes, you can retract an offer if certain conditions are met. You cannot accept the offer unless you sign it. However, you also have a legal right to withdraw your offer if there are changes in circ*mstances that are mentioned in the offer letter. So, if you meet the criteria of the offer being non-binding or if there are relevant changes in circ*mstances, you can retract your offer.

How do you cancel a seller’s offer?

To cancel a seller offer, you can simply change the size of the item you have the active offer with. This action will immediately cancel your offer to the customer. It’s important to act quickly before the customer accepts your offer. By making this change, you effectively cancel the offer you had previously made as a seller.

Where is the retract a bid button on eBay?

On eBay, there is no specific “retract a bid” button visible on the product page. Instead, to retract a bid, you need to navigate to eBay’s customer service page and use the search function to look for “retract a bid.” This search will bring up an article titled “Retracting a bid,” which provides detailed instructions on how to retract a bid on eBay.

Do sellers see automatically rejected offers?

No, sellers do not see automatically rejected offers. If a seller has set an auto-decline threshold and a buyer’s offer falls below that threshold, the offer will be automatically rejected without the seller even seeing it.

How do I retract an accepted offer?

To retract an accepted offer, it is important to approach the situation professionally. Express gratitude for the opportunity, but clearly state your change of decision. Provide a brief explanation for your retraction, highlighting the reasons that led to your change of mind. Effective communication and maintaining a respectful tone are crucial in retracting an accepted offer.

How To Retract Offer Ebay - Ultimate Guide (2024)


Is there a way to retract an eBay offer? ›

If you're using the eBay desktop site, here's how to retract a Best Offer or a counteroffer if it meets the requirements above:
  1. Go to Bids/Offers - opens in new window or tab in My eBay.
  2. Find the offer you'd like to retract.
  3. Select Review offer, then select Retract offer.

Can I retract a counter offer and accept the original offer eBay? ›

That is, after extending a counteroffer to a buyer, the seller will not be able to accept a previous Best Offer from that buyer for that item. Similarly, after sending a counteroffer back to the seller, the buyer cannot accept a previous counteroffer from the seller.

How do I edit a counter offer on eBay? ›

To retract a counter-offer, go to the listing, click Manage offers, select the counter-offer and click the Retract button.

How do I retract a bid offer? ›

How do I cancel an eBay bid? Cancelling an eBay bid can be done via the 'retracting a bid' page, using the 'retract a bid' button. Simply click on this, then select the product you wish to retract your bid for and give your reason for doing so. You'll find lots of other helpful advice on this page, too.

Why can't I retract my bid on eBay? ›

Keep in mind that you can't always retract a bid once it's made. Bids on items listed in Trading Cards categories, for example, can't be retracted. If you're not able to retract your bid, you can also try contacting the seller to see if they'll cancel your bid for you.

Can I cancel a counter-offer I made to a buyer? ›

Finally, once a buyer has accepted a counter-offer, the seller generally can't rescind it if a better offer comes along. The acceptance should be conditioned on a contract being entered into within a set number of days.

Can you go back to the original offer after a counter-offer? ›

Because a counteroffer serves as a rejection, it completely voids the original offer. Thus, the original offer can no longer be accepted. However, note that added modifications do not necessarily mean that a party made a counteroffer.

Can a seller accept original offer after counter-offer? ›

A seller is not obligated to respond to a counter-offer but may do so if they choose. If the seller accepts the counter-offer, then the original offer is void and a new contract is created between the parties.

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