25 Basic Marathi Words to Know in English | Marathi Language Words (2023)

25 Basic Marathi Words to Know in English | Marathi Language Words (1)

If learning some basic Marathi words is on your list today, you’ve come to the right place (page). Whether you’re looking to shift to Bombay or Pune, the knowledge of some basic Marathi will be your best friend. With these English to Marathi words, you’ll be able to bond with the locals better. You’ll be able to get around town. And, most importantly, not feel lost in the strange city.

Because moving to a new place can be a big life change. We at Stanza Living get that. And the reason we exist is to make that move easier. Be it through our warm, welcoming environment of ourPG in Pune. Be it through our game nights, movie screenings, or other events that are tailor-made to turn your co-residents into your new buddies.

Or be it this simple, but effective Marathi words list that’ll help you navigate your new life like the champ that you are. So the next time someone asks,“tumhara Marathi bolta yete ka?”(do you know Marathi?), you can reply“ho, thode yete”(yes, a little) rather than counting the tiles in the room.

Marathi Words in English:

Kasa Aahes?How are you?
Mi thik aheI’m good
Maaf KaraSorry
TaiElder sister
DadaElder brother
BasaSit down
Kiti VajleWhat’s the time?
Tu JaYou go
Barr AheyLooking good
Vadani Kawal GhetaHave a nice meal
Mala samajateI understand
Mala samajata nahiI don’t understand
Punha SangaPlease say that again

Ho – Yes

The first Marathi words you need to know are Yes and No. And learn them well, so you don’t mix them up. For example, if your colleague asks you if you want some of her homemade lunch, make sure you say “Ho” and not “No”.

Nahi/Nakko – No

Learn this Marathi keyword well. There might be times when people might not take you seriously, given you’re the newbie in the office. If some mean senior asks you to bring them coffee, just say “Nakko”. Then they’ll know you’re not to be messed with.

Kasa Aahes? – How are you?

A friendly Marathi greeting never hurt anyone. Especially when you need to impress your boss for that assignment you’ve been eyeing. While everyone says their “How are You”s, wish him/her a cheerful “Kasa Aahes”. He/she’ll definitely be impressed by the new, bilingual employee.

Mi thik ahe – I’m good

Okay, so you asked someone “How are you?”, and now they’re asking it back. Duh, no surprises there, it’s basic etiquette. Now you could reply “I’m good” in English and break the whole warm vibe, or say the same in Marathi. “Mi thik ahe”, it’s that simple.

Mitra – Friend

Good, local friends make moving to a new city much easier. You can use this word when you want to tell your “Mitras” you’re feeling grateful for their company. And for showing you around the city.

Maaf Kara – Sorry

You’re travelling in a bus with locals. It’s about to pull up at your stop and you need to make your way through the sea of commuters to get to the gate. Just mutter “Maaf kara” over and over again and make your way through the crowd.

Tai – Elder sister

Need to be in the good books of your seniors? Just add the word “Tai” after their name whenever you’re addressing them. They’ll gladly lend you their old notes and books.

Aaji – Grandmother

Learn this super easy basic Marathi word to impress your friend’s Aaji. And for an endless supply of her Puran Poli’s for lunch.

Kuthe – Where?

You don’t want to be late on your first day at work. While you have everything prepared – google maps, a cab and your best outfit – it doesn’t hurt to learn some basic Marathi. So in case you have difficulty finding the office building, you can ask a shopkeeper “Kuthe” your office is.

Dada – Elder brother

This is a versatile one. You can use it to address your senior Dadas in the hostel. Or your guard bhaiyya. Or your college canteen guy. Actually, any elder brotherly person you meet in the city.

Basa – Sit down

The first time your local Marathi friend comes to visit you, you could ask them to sit on the couch in English to make them feel comfortable. Or could point to the couch and say “Basa”. Then they’ll feel right at home.

Thamba – Stop

If you’re on a diet and your friend takes you to their favourite pav bhaji place. And the dada there keeps putting extra butter on your pav. Ask him to “thamba” before it’s too late!

Kiti Vajle – What’s the time?

Another pair of basic Marathi words that’ll save your life when you’re running late. Especially on days when you forgot to charge your phone. Even left your watch at home. Just ask a kind passerby “Kiti Vajle” and he’ll tell you the time. We just hope there’s some left for you to reach office on time.

Barobar – Exactly/Correct

Agreeing with your stubborn boss can be really irritating sometimes. As well as laughing at his PJs. But you’ve got to do what you got to do. So do it with a fake smile and an even more fake “barobar”.

Jevan – Food

Well, this Marathi word sounds like the Hindi word, Jeevan, meaning life. To be honest, food is life, right? So this one’s for all the foodies. May you find the best Jevan joints in the city.

Tu Ja – You go

Probably the easiest on this Marathi words list, you can use this to tell your roomie to go to the party while you’re stuck with work. And if they feel bad, ask them to bring back some Jevan for you.

Kaka – Uncle

This Marathi keyword is for your friendly neighbourhood uncle. And also for your not-so-friendly landlord. We hope your newly learned Marathi softens him a little.

Kaku – Aunty

Well well, it’s not possible that your building won’t have a nosy Kaku. Our tip is to greet her well every morning (but to take a pass on the colony gossip).

Nav – Name

Don’t confuse this Marathi word with the Hindi one for “boat”. Nav in Marathi means “name”. And will come in really handy when someone asks you yours. Or you have to ask them theirs. You know it.

Barr Ahey – Looking good

Drop a compliment to your hardworking team members. Praise them in their mother tongue. Just say “Barr Ahey” when they show you a finished project, and you’ll become their favourite colleague in no time.

Susvagatam – Welcome

If someone is saying Susvagatam to you, it means they’re welcoming you to the city. The best thing is, you don’t need a Marathi reply for that. Just a smile will do.

Vadani Kawal Gheta – Have a nice meal

Even if you cooked something as simple as Maggi for your friend, wishing her to have a nice meal, that too in Marathi, will take your hospitality game from 10 to 100.

Mala samajate – I understand

When your professor gives you your first assignment, and asks if you have any doubts, feel free to tell her that you’ve understood the task. Just two words, “Mala Samajate”, are all you need to impress her with your confidence. And your Marathi.

Mala samajata nahi – I don’t understand

So this phrase has two benefits. First, when asks something in Marathi and you don’t understand a word, just say “Mala samajata nahi”. Second, if someone is asking for a favour, you do understand it, but don’t want to do it. Say “Mala samajathi nahi” a few times and walk away.

Punha Sanga – Please say that again

Even though you’re doing a great job by learning these English to Marathi words, you’ll still need some time to get used to the local dialect. Don’t be shy to ask someone to repeat what they’re saying. Just say “Punha Sanga”. Who knows you might “Mala samajate” the second time?

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